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Land Use, Ecosystem Services and the Fate of Marginal Lands in a Globalized World

One of humanity's greatest contemporary challenges is producing enough food to sustain human populations in developing regions while preserving naturally functioning habitats that provide key ecosystem services such as clean drinking water, biodiversity, carbon storage, and climate moderation. This project, which is funded by NSF’s Partnerships for International Research and Education Program, leverages substantial existing investments in Africa by the Millennium Villages Project (MVP) to mount an international and interdisciplinary study of this great challenge.

Life Projects and Antiretroviral Therapy: The Social Impacts of Scale-up

This is a planning grant in which Smith follows up on work that chronicles the transition toward modern marriage in Nigeria and finds that the associated ideals of morality make the discussion of, and thus protection against, risky sexual behavior more difficult than may have been the case in the past.

Long-Term Effects of the Mother's Pension Program on Adult Outcomes

Aizer is looking at the long-run effects of the Mother’s Pension program, which was established as early as 1911 in some states, and is the first government-sponsored welfare program in the U.S. It was designed to improve the conditions of young children that had become dependent through the loss or disability of the breadwinner. Because of the program’s historical nature, she can investigate the long-term effects of cash transfers to low-income families on a variety of outcomes, including educational attainment and earnings.