Shaping Long-Term Care in America

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Director: Andrew Foster
Collaborator: Stephen McGarvey
Research Theme: Persistent Disparities in Health and Human Capital
Funding: NIA

Foster, along with a former student, evaluates how race-based preferences and geographical distance affect nursing home sorting. He finds that the resulting segregation exacerbates racial disparities in the quality of nursing-home care. In addition to peer-reviewed academic papers, this project resulted in a repository of long-term care data and state policies, and a Web site providing access to policies, provider data, and a quality-based map of LTC providers by location. The overall objectives of the program project are: 1) to build a long-term-care data and policy repository and analysis infrastructure; 2) to implement surveys of state policies and a national sample of nursing homes, integrating them with secondary data to serve the proposed research projects within an overall administrative structure; 3) to integrate economic and organizational theory to develop measures and to propose testable hypotheses about long-term-care providers’ responses to market and policy changes; and 4) to systematically catalogue and broadly disseminate to numerous audiences project findings through peer-review publications and Web site production and maintenance.