Ciplet, Roberts Publish New Book

After nearly a quarter century of international negotiations on climate change, we stand at a crossroads. A new set of agreements is likely to fail to prevent the global climate’s destabilization. Islands and coastlines face inundation, and widespread drought, flooding, and famine are expected to worsen in the poorest and most vulnerable countries. How did we arrive at an entirely inequitable and scientifically inadequate international response to climate change?

(Distributed October 9, 2015)

Patrick Heller Co-Authors New Book

Deliberation and Development Book CoverDeliberation and Development Book Cover

A new book edited by Patrick Heller, sociologist and Watson faculty, and Vijayendra Rao, a lead economist at The World Bank, offers the first interdisciplinary exploration of the role of deliberation in development.

(Distributed September 1, 2015)

Josh Pacewicz Wins Jane Addams Article Award

American Sociological AssociationAmerican Sociological AssociationProfessor Josh Pacewicz won the Jane Addams Article Award from the American Sociology Association's Community and Urban Sociology Section for the article “Tax increment financing, economic development professionals, and the financialization of urban politics.”

The Jane Addams Award (formerly the Park Article Award) goes to authors of the best scholarly article in community and urban sociology published in the past two years.

(Distributed August 28, 2015)

Tania Jenkins Awarded 2015 Louise Johnson Scholar Grant

Brown Sociology graduate student Tania Jenkins was awarded the 2015 Louise Johnson Scholar Grant for her paper, entitled "‘It’s Time She Stopped Torturing Herself’ Structural Constraints to Decision-Making about Life-Sustaining Treatment by Medical Trainees".

The Louise Johnson Scholar fund was established in memory of Louise Johnson, a pioneering medical sociologist whose mentorship and scholarship we are pleased to honor. The fund was made possible by Sam Bloom of Mount Sinai School of Medicine, a former colleague of Louise Johnson. 

(Distributed July 1, 2015)
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