The Electronic Literature Organization and Brown University's Literary Arts Program invite submissions to the Electronic Literature Organization 2010 Conference to be held from June 3-6, 2010 in Providence, Rhode Island, USA.

Deadline for Submissions: January 15, 2009
> Send to: (a) eliterature (.) org.
Notification of Acceptance: February 25, 2010
PLEASE NOTE: Notfications of acceptance are delayed. Please accept our apologies. (John Cayley chose a bad time to travel!)

We welcome:

NB. If you send illustrative, digitized AV materials, either keep these (byte-wise) small and short, or send us links.

electronic literature . writing digital media .
language-driven digital poesis . literal art . literary hypermedia

We welcome papers and presentations on a broad range of topics. The conference will focus on the theory, criticism, close-reading, practice and archiving of language-driven digital art and poetics. Our gathering will also embrace all the related cultural practices that continue to be addressed by scholars and artists in our growing field:

expressive processing, computational art, artificial cognition and intelligence, aesthetic gaming, information art, codework, digitally mediated performance, network & media art & activism.

In addition we will give a special welcome to papers that engage with the contribution that Robert Coover has made to our field. A festschrift comprised of papers from the conference is proposed and Professor Coover will be our chief featured (e)Writer. (Other featured speakers to be announced shortly.)

In conjunction with the three-day conference, there will be a juried Program of Language-Driven Digital Art, concentrating on but not confined to installation works. We plan to show the selected work in gallery spaces close to the conference venue in downtown Providence over a two week period. Subject to funding restrictions, selected artists will be awarded bursaries to assist with attending the conference. Submission guidelines will be posted on the conference website by mid November.

The basic cost of the conference is $150;
graduate students and non-affiliated artists pay only $100.
Conference registration covers access to all events, the reception, some meals, and shuttle transportation.
All conference attendees are also expected to join the ELO before the conference and this can be done at registration.

We are planning to implement online submission and registration.
Please watch this space.

After consulting the website, for further queries and
all email correspondence contact: (a) eliterature (.) org