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Thursday June 3

9:00 - ELIT AND TOOLS - workshop > open to the public

List Art Building 512 Multimedia Lab
Damon Loren Baker - Implementation, detailed
Deena Larsen - Elit 101

11:00 - (un)NATURAL LANGUAGE - workshop > open to the public

List Art Building 512 Multimedia Lab
Daniel C. Howe - Experimental writing with the RiTa toolkit
John Cayley & Daniel C. Howe - nLLF: a (natural) Language Liberation Front

2:00 - LIVE TYPING - workshop > open to the public

List Art Building 512 Multimedia Lab
Jeremy Douglass - Live typing

4:00 - Undergraduate Quickfire Plenary

List Art Building 120
Mark Marino, convenor -

7:30 - Gallery Openings > open to the public

ELO_AI Gallery
232 Westminster St

9:30 - Screenings 1 > open to the public

ELO_AI Gallery
232 Westminster St

Friday June 4

8:00 - Coffee

List Art Building lobby

8:30 - Organizers' OPENING remarks

List Art Building 120

9:00 - Seeded Plenary - Adalaide Morris - AND - Rita Raley

List Art Building 120
Chris Funkhouser: From Capacity to Truncation
David Jhave Johnston: Primal Affective Ground and Digital Poetry
Caitlin Fisher: Cardamom of the Dead
10:15 - Offshoots
1- List Art Building 110 - Moderator: Davin Heckman
Andrew Brogdon: Into the Deep End: an approach to the generation of formal poetry
Mark Bernstein: Remediating Stretchtext
Hazel Smith: Instabilities: the Verbal Interactivity Project and generating text with Python
2- List Art Building 220 - Moderator: Maria Engberg
Laura Borràs: The Magnificent Seven
Giovanna di Rosario: Between Experiments and Traditions

11:00 - Seeded Plenary - Alan Sondheim

List Art Building 120
Sandy Baldwin: CAPTCHA
Claire Donato & Ian Hatcher: Eat your Tits and Puppets
Andrew Klobucar: The Broken Mirror
(telepresent?) [Jason Nelson]: Jason Nelson and his Bewildering Digital Magic Show

12:30 - Lunch

1:30 - Electronic Literature Collection 2, introduced by the editors - Rita Raley, Talan Memmott, Brian Kim Stefans, Laura Borràs Castanyer

List Art Building 120
1:45 - Formal OPENING - Brian Evenson, chair Brown University, Literary Arts Program
List Art Building 120
1:50 - Robert Coover - On the Way to the Hypertext Hotel

2:00 - Seeded Plenary - Scott Rettberg

List Art Building 120
Judd Morrissey, with Thomas Morrissey: RC_AI
Joseph Tabbi: Hypertext Hotel Lautréamont
Roxanne Carter: Robert Coover & the Tale of Tales: Insistence and the Iteration of Red
Rob Wittig: Learning from Chicago Soul Exchange, Reflections on a Case Study of Online Improv Literature
3:15 - Offshoots
1- List Art Building 110 - Moderator: Jeremy Douglass
Elisabeth Ly Bell: Coover's 'Tale, Myth, Writer'
Esther Claudio Moreno: Escapism and Hyperreality in Coover’s The Universal Baseball Association, Inc., J. Henry Waugh, Proprietor
Stéphane Vanderhaeghe: Reading on Flimsy Grounds
2- List Art Building 210 - Moderator: Loss Pequeño Glazier
Philippe Bootz: Aesthetic Codework Rrepresentations in Passage
Serge Bouchardon: Digital Literature and the Three Levels of the Digital
Alexandra Saemmer: Ravishment and Paradoxes of Immersive Reading in Digital Literature
3- List Art Building 220 - Moderator: Braxton Soderman
Steve Tomasula: The New-Media Novel: The Intersection of Film, E-Lit & Story
John M Vincler: The Monstrous Book and the Manufactured Body in the Late Age of Print: Material Strategies for Innovative Fiction in Shelley Jackson’s Patchwork Girl and Steve Tomasula and Stephen Farrell’s VAS: An Opera in Flatland

4:00 - Seeded Plenary - Francisco Ricardo

List Art Building 120
Aden Evens: Bitwise: the logic of the digital
Reconsidering the Electronic Literary Artifact:
Terry Harpold: His Master’s Voice: E-Books, Illusionism, and the Future of Electronic Reading
Dene Grigar: Social Media as 3rd Generation Electronic Literature
John Barber: The Brautigan Library: Promise and challenge of archiving user generated electronic literature

6:00 - Special Presentation - The Electronic Literature Directory version 2

List Art Building 120
Davin Heckman, Maria Engberg, Joseph Tabbi, Patricia Tomaszek, John M Vincler, [Ewan Branda]

8:00 - Performances > open to the public

Grant Recital Hall - info here

10:00 - Screenings 2 > open to the public

Grant Recital Hall - info here

Saturday June 5

8:00 - Coffee

List Art Building lobby

9:00 - Seeded Plenary - Penny Florence

NonTology & PerFormativity
List Art Building 120
Maria Angel & Anna Gibbs: Making Sense
Dave Ciccoricco: The Materialities of Close Reading: 1942, 2009
Astrid Ensslin & Alice Bell: Reclaiming the 'Golden Age': the second person in digital fiction
Dana Solomon: Missed Collections: Away From the Canon, Toward the Archive
10:15 - Offshoots
1- List Art Building 110 - Moderator: Massimo Riva
Brian Kim Stefans: William Poundstone and the Aesthetics of Digital Literature
Jessica Pressman, Mark Marino, & Jeremy Douglass: Intersecting Approaches to Electronic Literature: Close-Reading Code, Content, and Cartographies in William Poundstone’s Project for the Tachistoscope
2- List Art Building 210 - Moderator: Sandy Baldwin
Yolanda de Gregorio Robledo: Analysis of 'Fitting the Pattern'
Leonardo L Flores: Mining the Arteroids Development Folder
Frances L VanScoy: Game-Based Digitally Mediated Narrative Construction
3- List Art Building 220 - Moderator: Christopher Funkhouser
Jennifer Smith: Oral Traditions and Electronic Ambitions: The Trajectory of Flight Paths in a Plugged-In World
Mette-Marie Zacher Sørensen: Intermedial Analysis of Digital Poetry

11:00 - Seeded Plenary - [Noah Wardrip-Fruin] unable to attend

List Art Building 120
Nick Montfort: Creating Adventure in Style and The Marble Index in Curveship
Aaron A. Reed: Blue Lacuna: Lessons Learned Writing the World's Longest Interactive Fiction
Stephanie Boluk & Patrick LeMieux: Hundred Thousand Billion Fingers: Seriality and Critical Game Practices
Mike Treanor: Authoring Game-based Interactive Narrative using Social Games and Comme il Faut
Fox Harrell: Authoring the Living Liberia Batik
11:00 - SCREENINGS in parallel
List Art Building 110

12:30 - Lunch

2:00 - Seeded Plenary - Talan Memmott - AND - Wendy Chun

List Art Building 120
[Jichen Zhu] (presented my Mauro Carassai): Machine Subjectivity, Politics and Digital arts
Jeff T. Johnson: Circuits of the Eye
3:15 - Offshoots
1- List Art Building - ROOM CHANGE - 220 - Moderator: M. Asunción López-Varela
Allison Alexy & Osvaldo Cleger: Virtual Communities and Collective Narratives
Allen Riley: My Own Private Augmented Reality: ulillillia's Mind Game
2- List Art Building 210 - Moderator: Terry Harpold
Laura Borràs, [Pablo Gervás, Juan Gutierrez,] Mark Marino: Geo-locative Narratives and E-lit
3- List Art Building - ROOM CHANGE - 110 - Moderator: Aden Evens
Daniel Carter: Broken Texts and Tempting Hermeneutics
Talan Memmott: Screening of INGENSTANS

4:00 - Seeded Plenary - Friedrich Block

List Art Building 120
Mauro Carassai: E-lit as 'Forms-of-Culture': Envisioning Digital Literary Subjectivity
Roderick Coover: Narrative Choice-making
Laura Goldstein: Mobilizing the POLI: Judd Morrissey's Languages of the Internet Populace
Johannes Auer: searchSonata 181
4:00 - SCREENINGS in parallel
List Art Building 110

7:30 - Banquet - with Robert Coover and an after dinner extravaganza

Andrews Hall, Pembroke Campus, Brown University

Sunday June 6

9:00 - Coffee

List Art Building lobby

10:00 - Seeded Plenary - George Landow

List Art Building 120
Angela Chang et al: Lessons learned from designing Children's interactive narratives
Lawrence Giffin: UbuWeb: archive and gallery
Paola Pizzichini & Mauro Carassai: E-lit context as Records Continuum: the 'lost' Michael Joyce’s Afternoon Italian edition and the archival perspective

11:30 - Brunch

1:00 - Seeded Plenary - Jessica Pressman

List Art Building 120
Will Hansen
Deena Larsen
Marjorie Luesebrink
Stephanie Strickland Brown Digital Repository

2:30 - Seeded Plenary - Bill Seaman

List Art Building 120
Loss Pequeño Glazier: Fr(on)t(era)
Robert Kendall: Feed
Patrick LeMieux: Pipe Bomb: Exploding Code in the Work of Jodi and René Magritte

4:30 - After(conference)life in 3D

For those able to stay on after the conference has officially ended we plan to organize a few showings of work in writing for the 'Cave,' Brown's immersive 3D audiovisual environment, along with informal meetings to discuss related issues of literary aesthetic practice and pedagogy.