Moderator: Mark Marino

Confirmed participants:

(We are still waiting to hear back from a few others.)


  1. Quickly fired: These talented undergrad (and just recently graduated) scholars, represent intellects and artists who were quick to flame, lit up with e-lit before some of the rest of us did in our journeys.
  2. Quick pacing: To accommodate speakers, we are restricting the length of the presentations, working more voices into this session, and amping up the energy level. We are looking for bursts of intellect and a sense of momentum.

As a format: Mark Marino will introduce the panel briefly at the head. Each presenter will be introduced by his or her nominating or sponsoring faculty member who will situate their work in the context of their academic program and celebrate their accomplishments.

Presentation length: With our current count (approx 7-10 minutes, each).

This should leave a bit of time for discussion at the end.