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EN40 Dynamics and Vibrations

Spring 2022


Allan Bower, Yue Qi, Yuri Bazilevs


A broad introduction to Newtonian dynamics of particles and rigid bodies with applications to engineering design. Concepts include kinematics and dynamics of particles and rigid bodies; conservation laws; vibrations of single degree of freedom systems; and use of MATLAB to solve equations of motion and optimize engineering designs. Examples of applications are taken from all engineering disciplines. Lectures, recitation, and team design projects, including use of Brown Design Workshop. Prerequisite: ENGN 0030. Corequisite: MATH 0020 or 0180 (if you meet these pre or co-reqs in other ways you can request a registration over-ride by filling out this form)


ENGN0040 will be offered in 'flipped' mode in 2022, to make it easier for those of us who get sick to keep up with the class. Class and assignments will consist of:

  1. Pre-recorded lecture videos >>.
  2. A weekly (in-person) small group tutorial meeting >>, led by a faculty member. These will be held during the scheduled MWF conference section meeting times. If you are registered for the class by 9am Wed Jan 26, you will be notified of the location/days for your tutorial group by 5pm the same day. There will be some reassignments during the first week or so of the semester as people add/drop the class.
  3. EIght problem sets (lowest HW grade is dropped) >>
  4. Four team design projects >>
  5. A final exam (optional if you are taking the class S/NC) >>.

A request: If you are thinking of taking this class please register as early as possible, so we can add you to a tutorial group. You can always drop the class later if you hate it :(

The 10am C02 conference section is currently very large, so please try to register for another section if you can (9am C01 has lots of space!). If you need to change your registration please update it by noon Jan 26. We will notify everyone of the time/place for their first tutorial group meeting as soon as possible after that...


For due dates, and a suggested schedule for watching lecture videos, please visit the Calendar page >>

For a detailed syllabus, with links to individual sections of lecture recordings, visit the Syllabus page >>


Information about small group tutorials can be found here >>