Midterm exam: We will not hold a midterm in 2022 to avoid having a large number of people needing to take make-up exams...

FINAL EXAM: will be a 3 hour multiple choice exam held online (CANVAS). You will be able to start the test at any time between 9am Wed May 11 and 2pm Friday May 20 - once you start you will have 3 hours to complete the test.  The final will be similar to the multiple choice problems on the finals from 2013-2019. You may consult your own hand-written notes from class (but no textbooks, 3rd party materials, or material printed from the course website), and calculators are permitted. Those with additional time through SEAS will have their test adjusted to allow the appropriate time length.

FINAL EXAM EXCUSES: Students can only be excused from final examinations by the Dean of the College.  Anyone excused from the EN40 final will take a make-up exam in early September.


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