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"Things are in the saddle, and ride mankind." --Emerson


materiality of book

relational philosophy

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Posted at Sep 30/2008 07:45PM:
tpl: Hi Ben and Lindsay. Something else you might also want to look at (no promises that it'll be *super* useful); Eisenstein, 'The Printing Press As An Agent Of Change.' It's pretty thick, but the core idea might be useful... good luck. - Tom

Posted at Oct 02/2008 05:36PM:
chris witmore: On a related note you might like what Reviel Netz and William Noel have to say about the 'book' in the Archimedes Codex.

Posted at Oct 22/2008 04:37PM:

Posted at Nov 20/2008 12:20PM:
ana e: this is really short notice but they are having a book making class tonight at the risd museum:

Posted at Dec 21/2008 11:39AM:
chris witmore: Ben and Lindsay. A wonderful project. I like the layout and your use of the slideshows. You have pulled in a number of fruitful angles and I especially enjoyed the section on the materiality of the book. Great work.