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Create Your Coursepacket in 3 Easy Steps!

  1. Provide a complete Citation List for all articles in the order in which they are to be included in the coursepacket.

    Copyright clearance services are provided on all course packs produced at the Brown University Copy Center and are essential in maintaining legal compliance for Brown University. The citation list you provide allows us to obtain the required legal copyright clearance permissions for your articles.

    You can find the university copyright policy by clicking here.

    Why is copyright compliance important?

    Copyright infringement lawsuits are being raised in copy shops and on campuses nationwide. With settlements reaching as high as $20 million—it is critical to request permission for and pay royalty fees on all copyrighted items included in your course pack.

Citation Examples:


Kurtz, Howard, "Breaking Through the Static," from Spin Cycle, (Free Press, 1998) pp. 105-129
ISBN: 0-684-85715-4


Georgia, Davis, "The Increasing Costs of Royalties", Journal of Economics Vol.44, no.3 (Feb. 1993) pp. 52-77


Please provide a citation of the original source.
  1. Provide a clean master

Please make copies from the original printed material for "Best Quality".
Remember, the end quality of our product depends on the initial quality of the materials provided.

  1. Submit the form online, in person, by E-mail, or fax

Online: fill out and submit the online form here.

In person or by fax: Download and complete the adobe pdf version of the Coursepack Order Form, and either fax to 3-3382, or deliver to Brown University Copy Center at 164 Angell Street in the lower level of the Brown Office Building..

E-mail: Download and complete the Adobe pdf version of the Coursepack Order Form, fill it out and save the pdf. E-mail the form as an attachment to [email protected].

*In order to E-mail the form, you must have the full version of Adobe Acrobat, free Acrobat Reader does not allow pdfs to be saved.

Bring all materials to Brown University Copy Center. The entrance is located in the College Hill Café.


Tiziana Milano
Box: 1851
Phone: 863-3653
Fax: 863-3382
E-mail: [email protected]

One free desk copy is supplied for courses with an enrollment of at least 15 students and an additional free desk copy for every additional 30 students. Additional desk copies may be purchased by the department. Desk copies requested after the coursepacks have been printed will be charged to the department.