How to Apply

How to Apply / Enroll in a Course

Enrollment in courses must be approved on a semester by semester basis. All course enrollments are processed by the Office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies. Enrollment confirmation, fee payments and change of status requests (dropping a course, change of grade option) are processed by this office. Grades and transcripts are processed and mailed to students by the Brown Registrar's Office.

The following materials should be submitted as part of your application for the Pfizer Program course enrollment at least one month prior to the start of the term:

  1. Registration Form
  2. Statement describing your interest in taking coursework at Brown University. Note: This letter of intent need only be filed once unless the student has a change in plans of which we should be informed.

Pfizer employees should also consult with the Pfizer Human Resources Department to ensure that they have complied with all procedures required by their employer.

The deadline for enrollment in a course is the end of the week after the first class meeting.

Earlier enrollment than this is encouraged, although students are welcomed to visit the class once before making their enrollment decision.

The deadline to drop a course is the end of the second class week.

To drop a course you must submit an email to [email protected] by this deadline. A full refund of your fees will be made if you drop within the deadline.  Refunds will not be given for any requests made after this deadline.

How to Apply to the Master of Arts Degree Program:

Students interested in pursuing the Master of Arts in Biology program must apply for admission to the Graduate School after the successful completion of at least two courses.  This application indicates serious intent to complete requirements for the Brown AM (Master of Arts) degree in Biology.  To apply to the Graduate School, you must submit a completed application on line. 

The Graduate School application can be found here:

Applicants should select "NON-DEGREE" and choose DIVISION OF BIOLOGY. 

You will need to indicate the term in which you plan to enroll (typically, this will be the beginning of the next semester - Spring or Fall).

You must complete the application with the necessary information and be sure to include:

  • College transcript showing conferral of Bachelor's Degree
  • A Personal Statement
  • Identify at least one person who will submit a letter of recommendation for you - the required letter should be from your supervisor at Pfizer.
  • GRE Scores are not required and do not have to be submitted.

You must submit your application electronically.  At least 2 weeks prior to submitting, please contact the Office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies ([email protected]) to notify us that you plan to submit your application.  We will provide you with an application fee waiver code.  

Once your application has been submitted and the Associate Dean reviews and decides that the applicant is sufficiently qualified, the Associate Dean will recommend the student for admission to the Graduate School.  You will be notifed via email once your decision has been posted. 

Please note that the Brown / Pfizer Master of Arts program is available ONLY to Pfizer employees and this is why we ask you to apply as a "non-degree" student.  However, if you are accepted, you WILL become a matriculated student in the Master of Arts in Biology program.  Continuous enrollment is expected until you complete degree requirements.

For information about degree requirements for the Master of Arts in Biology, please see the Masters programs listings on this page.