Cost of Attendance represents a combination of direct charges and estimated indirect expenses. Standard direct charges will appear on your Brown billing statement and include: tuition, fees, room, and board (meal plan). Standard indirect expenses include: books and supplies, travel (if applicable), and personal expenses. Students may experience different levels of indirect expenses; however, the values listed represent allowances provided for the academic year.

Not included in your Cost of Attendance are individual expenses that may be specific only to you. For example, you are required to be covered by a health insurance plan while attending Brown. If you opt for the University's health insurance plan, your Cost of Attendance will include an additional component for this charge, which for the academic year 2015-2016 is $3,487. Additional individual expenses not included may include: clothing for the New England climate, computer expense, additional trips home during the academic year, etc.

**Travel allowance – For US/Canadian residents, an allowance for travel will be included to your Cost of Attendance based on distance from campus.  Students and parents are required to arrange transportation and finance applicable costs, back and forth to Brown.  To pay for travel, students are expected to use a portion of the funds they earn over the summer, as well as funds that are earned throughout the academic year as part of a student’s on or off campus employment.

For international students receiving financial aid from Brown, the documented cost of one round trip airfare to/from campus during the student’s entire Brown career can be factored into the travel allowance. 

2015-16 Cost of Attendance

Direct/Billed Charges


Tuition and fees


Room and Board (Housing and Meals)


Subtotal - Direct charges




Indirect Estimated Expenses








Total Direct and Indirect Charges