Brown Home School Tuition Policy

The Corporation of Brown University established a fee structure for study abroad, allowing all eligible students to study abroad on essentially the same terms as on-campus study. As a result, all students who began their matriculation at Brown after July 1, 2006 will be charged Brown University tuition (Home School Tuition) while studying abroad for academic credit.

This fee structure was designed to make study abroad more “transparent”, as students will pay the same tuition at home and abroad, allowing students to choose their overseas programs based on academics rather than cost. Financial aid can be applied toward the cost of a study abroad program if all financial aid application requirements are met. In most cases, students are considered enrolled full-time at Brown and not required to take a leave of absence while studying abroad.

Financial Aid Application Requirements

Regardless of what program you decide to participate in, the following requirements must be satisfied to be considered for any federal aid:

  • All academic year financial aid application requirements for the term or terms you intend to study abroad should be satisfied.
  • Complete and submit the Study Abroad Budget Form found in the Forms section of our website.
  • You should also process a Refund Request electronically through the Bursar’s Office website.

If your program sponsor does not appear on the Study Abroad Financial Aid Agreement list, we are required to collect the following:

  • Complete and submit the Consortium Agreement found in the Forms section of our website

Outside Scholarship Opportunities

We recommend that you review the following information about specific outside scholarship opportunities that may be available for studying abroad:

  • Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship: available for U.S. Citizens who are Federal Pell Grant eligible; deadline is generally in March of each year for the upcoming summer or academic year
  • Freeman Asia Scholarship: available for U.S. Citizens or permanent residents accepted to a program based in certain Asian countries who demonstrate a verifiable need through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA); deadlines are generally in March of each year for the upcoming summer and academic year

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How will I be billed for a Study Abroad program?

A. Charges work differently when you are on a Study Abroad program. Home school tuition will be charged to your Brown Student Account and all other expenses (i.e. room and meals) will be charged directly to you, in most cases by your host institution.

Your financial aid award will be applied to your Brown student account, and you will be responsible for paying any remaining balance due. If your financial aid exceeds the home school tuition charge, a credit balance may be created. If that is the case, you may have the refund sent to whomever you designate on the Refund Request Form. This refund may be used for indirect expenses, such as airfare, room and board, books and/or personal expenses while studying abroad. Please note that refunds will not be processed until you have submitted all required Study Abroad and Financial Aid materials and your study abroad program has started.

Q. How is financial aid awarded for Study Abroad programs?

A. Financial aid for study abroad programs, which includes Brown Sponsored, Approved Alternative, or Petition Programs, is calculated and awarded in primarily the same manner as it is when a student is attending Brown for the semester. The equation used to determine a student’s eligibility for financial aid is Cost – Family Contribution = Need. Brown tuition will be charged for all programs (Brown Sponsored, Approved Alternative, and Petition programs). However, other expenses will likely vary. The program cost will be determined by including both direct charges (tuition and fees), as well as indirect charges (airfare, books, room and meals, etc.) Please submit the Study Abroad Budget Form (located in the Forms section) to communicate your program’s cost to the Office of Financial Aid. Your calculated family contribution does not change based on your decision to study abroad. As the cost of the program changes, your need changes, therefore, your financial aid award may change.

Q. What if the Study Abroad Cost of Attendance is greater than the Brown Cost of Attendance?

A. Based on the variance of living, travel, and miscellaneous expenses, the Study Abroad Cost of Attendance may be different than the Brown Cost of Attendance. In cases where the study abroad total budget is more expensive than if you were to be on campus at Brown, additional loan may be available to assist you with these costs. Students cannot receive more scholarship for a study abroad program than he/she would have received for study at Brown for the same semester.

There are some programs that have a significantly higher living and miscellaneous cost than a semester or year at Brown. Students who choose to attend one of these higher cost programs should seriously consider the amount of this additional expense. Students may not have enough loan eligibility to meet both the higher cost of the program and replace their work study with need based loan funds. In this case, students will need to use other family resources or consider borrowing from private loan sources. Please note that private loan sources may not have the same benefits as need based loan programs (i.e. interest accumulates while the student is in school) and students should be mindful of how a more expensive study abroad semester will affect their total loan indebtedness.

Q. If applicable, when will I receive my refund?

A. Refunds are processed 7 to 10 days after the start date of your Study Abroad program. In order for your refund to be processed, all financial aid study abroad application materials must be submitted. Since the refunds will not be sent until 7-10 business days after the first day of classes, you should make plans to cover your expenses until your refund has arrived or contact your program and request that the bill due date be deferred until your refund is received. For questions regarding your Brown Student Account and/or the refund process, please contact the Bursar’s Office at [email protected] or (401) 863-2484.

Q. What happens to my work-study or campus employment award when I study abroad?

A. Work-Study, including Campus Employment, cannot be offered during any study abroad period. With the absence of a work component, an individual’s financial aid package may contain unmet need since the work component will not be replaced with additional scholarship. However, a student may choose to replace this unmet need with a student loan, if funds are available. If you are interested in covering this unmet need with loan, please contact the Office of Financial Aid to request this after you receive your award letter.

Q. What happens to my meal plan when I return to Brown?

A. Depending on the timing of your return from Study Abroad and when student accounts are generated for the upcoming semester at Brown, a student may find that he/she has not been billed for a meal plan. Dining Services assumes that students are no longer on the meal plan when they return to campus. Therefore, it is crucial that students inform Dining Services at (401) 863-3343 as soon as possible if they wish to participate in a meal plan when they return from their study abroad semester(s).

Q. When do I sign Promissory notes for my student loan?

A. A promissory note and entrance counseling for a first-time Federal Direct Loan and/or a 20th Century Loan should be completed with the Brown University Loan Office before leaving for your study abroad program. The Loan Office will send the student an email notifying them of loan requirements along with instructions on how to complete the requirements. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the requirements are completed and received by the Loan Office before departure. For questions, please contact the Loan Office at [email protected] or at (401) 863-3296.