Supplier Diversity Policy


The University is committed to developing mutually beneficial relationships with small, minority-owned, women-owned, disadvantaged, veteran owned and local business enterprises.  The Supplier Diversity Policy reflects Brown's efforts to create opportunity for suppliers to market their products to the University and to encourage University departments/schools to offer opportunities to such suppliers.  

Policy Statement 

When all business considerations are determined to be equal among competitive suppliers, the University will award contracts to local small businesses, minority owned business enterprises (MBE), women owned business enterprises (WBE), disadvantaged, and veteran owned businesses.

The Campus Community is encouraged to explore opportunities to obtain services and goods from certified diversity suppliers that can provide competitive quality and pricing. 


Purchasing Services:  Encourage departments to explore opportunities to include and utilize small, minority-owned suppliers (MBE/WBE) to compete for business and from whom to obtain goods and services whenever possible. 

Department Managers: All department managers should explore opportunities to obtain  goods and services from local MBE/WBE suppliers.


The Purchasing Department shall encourage and invite minority/women owned suppliers to meet with staff to review product/service specifications, and review supplier qualifications including licenses, certification, and insurance requirements where required. Staff will be designated to act as a liaison with small, minority, and women owned businesses, and provide counseling on product/job standards and supplier qualifications.

The Purchasing Department will serve as a departmental resource in the development of MBE sub-contract spending goals for Federally funded research projects as required by PL 95-507, 1978 to contracts in excess of $500,000 and $1,000,000 for construction.

Departments should search the local state government websites to find diversity suppliers whenever possible.   

Policy Owner
Approved by 
Executive Vice President for Finance & Administration

Raymond Stewart
Associate Director, Insurance & Purchasing Services

Revision Date:  Mon, 2018-06-04 12:08