Auto Insurance

General Information

To file a claim for damage to a University owned or rented vehicle:

  • Complete the Brown University Auto Accident Report Form within 48 hours and submit to the Insurance Office, email to [email protected].
  • If a rental vehicle, also provide a copy of the damage report submitted to the rental agency together with a copy of the rental agreement.
  • The Insurance Office will guide you as to obtaining a repair estimate for the damage.   Once we have reviewed and authorized the cost, the department will then proceed with the repair.
  • There is a $1,000 damage deductible for the expense to repair the vehicle that the department will bear.
  • If another vehicle is involved in the accident, there is a liability claim deductible of $1,000 that the department will bear, as well as a damage deductible. 
  • All claims must be processed within 90 days of the incident.

For more information about vehicle use and driver authorization, please refer to the Transportation and Parking Services website.  

Rental Car

  • Travel Policy: Ground Transportation
    • Authorized Rental Car Drivers
    • Rental Car Agencies Preferred Suppliers
      • Book through the designated website, which has Brown's Corporate Code and rates attached
        • For Domestic and International Rentals
          • Common rental countries include: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal and Switzerland. NOTE: Due to regulations in some different countries, additional fees may apply. 
    • Rental Car Insurance
      • Supplemental Liability and Collision Damage insurance MUST be purchased through rental agency
        • If traveling outside of the United States
        • If the driver is under the age of 25 (already included in Preferred Suppliers - except for Truck Rentals)
        • Rental vans that carry 12 or 15 passengers (already included in Preferred Suppliers)
    • Rental Car Accidents
      • Should a rental car accident occur, travelers must submit a written accident report as soon as possible to the rental car company, local authorities (as required), and, within 48 hours, to the Insurance Office, Fax 3-2208. Call 3-1681 for further assistance. 
      • If there is an accident involving a rental vehicle, the department will bear a portion of the loss up to $2,000:
        • Physical damage deductible $1,000, and/or
        • Liability (if another vehicle is involved in the accident) deductible $1,000
      • There may be a lower deductible if Brown rental contracts were used that included insurance coverage in the fees.

Personal Car