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Rental Car

  • Travel Policy: Ground Transportation
    • Authorized Rental Car Drivers
    • Rental Car Agencies Preferred Suppliers
      • Book through the Travel Portal
        • Click Ground Transportation, then Car Rental for Brown's contract numbers
        • For Domestic and International Rentals
          • Common rental countries include: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal and Switzerland. NOTE: Due to regulations in some different countries, additional fees may apply. 
    • Rental Car Insurance
      • Supplemental Liability and Collision Damage insurance MUST be purchased through rental agency
        • If traveling outside of the United States
        • If the driver is under the age of 25 (already included in Preferred Suppliers)
        • Rental vans that carry 12 or 15 passengers (already included in Preferred Suppliers)
    • Rental Car Accidents
      • Should a rental car accident occur, travelers must submit a written accident report as soon as possible to the rental car company, local authorities (as required), and, within 48 hours, to Insurance & Purchasing Services, Fax 3-1566. Call 3-1681 for further assistance. 
      • If there is an accident involving a rental vehicle, the department will bear a portion of the loss up to $2,000:
        • Physical damage deductible $1,000, and/or
        • Liability (if another vehicle is involved in the accident) deductible $1,000
      • There may be a lower deductible if the rental was paid for by the traveler's Brown University Corporate American Express Card or if Brown rental contracts were used. 
    • American Express Corporate Card Benefit

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