Students Seeking Support

If you need to meet with a dean to discuss academic issues or to seek a deans note to a faculty member supporting a request to be excused from academic work, deadlines or examinations over the next few days, please know that we will be supportive and that there are many deans available to talk with you.  

Office of the Dean of the College, University Hall (UH)


Dean Cohen (10AM-1PM; UH201), Dean Targan (in JWW 1PM-4PM) and Dean McSharry (UH 313; 1PM-4PM) will have regularly scheduled Wednesday Open Hours today (4/1).   

Dean Targan has moved his Thursday open hours in the Science Library to Wednesday morning; and Dean Adetunji will be available in the Science Library this afternoon (4/1).

We will also have additional Advising Deans available as deans on call and as needed to meet with walk-in students:

Dean Bhattacharyyaa (UH 206) be available 10:30AM-Noon;
Dean Dennis  (UH207) noon to 1:00PM and from 3:00-4:00PM.
Dean Cohee  (UH 213UH) 3:00-4:00 p.m. in 213 UH. 

 Telephone:  401.863.9800

Brown students create programs of study that reflect their own interests, passions, and goals

A Brown education is a catalyst for creativity and entrepreneurship. Students at Brown are free to imagine and create their own course of study, integrating their major areas of interest into a broader program of liberal learning. Working with a network of teachers and advisors, students develop important skills of planning, communication, self-advocacy, and resilience.

The College offers 80 concentration programs that lead to the bachelor of arts or the bachelor of science degree.

Special programs include the Program in Liberal Medical Education (PLME), in which selected students can proceed to earn an M.D at Brown's medical school after successful completion of the baccalaureate, and the Brown-RISD Dual Degree Program, which allows students to earn both a bachelor of arts and a bachelor of fine arts in five years.

The College funds hundreds of research opportunities and internships each year, and Brown students have an enviable record of winning competitive national and international fellowships.

Students can explore social issues in the classroom and community and build the skills, knowledge, and relationships necessary to lead lives of effective action.

Advisors and mentors help students navigate Brown’s vast array of academic programs and co-curricular options. In addition to co-curricular tutoring and study help centers in writing and science, all students are matched with faculty and peer advisors who provide counsel on important academic decisions.

The success of Brown’s graduates in a huge range of fields underscores that our unique approach to education works. Brown students are driven, individual, highly inquisitive scholars and energetic leaders.