Undergraduate Teaching Assistants (UTAs)

Many academic departments employ advanced undergraduates as teaching assistants in entry-level courses. Working with an undergraduate TA can be an extremely rewarding experience for faculty and students alike. Faculty members should be aware of the University guidelines governing the limits of the TA's responsibilities to teaching and grading. Undergraduates may offer review sessions, lead discussions, or provide other kinds of assistance to professors and fellow students. Under no circumstances are undergraduates allowed to evaluate student learning for a grade. 

Additional Resources:

  • The University's Student Employer Handbook:
    Note especially the sections on:
    - Compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act
    - Guidelines for setting the hourly rate and selecting the correct job profile based on the Student Employment Grade Level Worksheet (selecting from among the following Workday UTA Job Profile options: UTA-A, UTA-B, UTA-C, UTA-D, UTA-E)
    - Setting and Communicating Expectations 

  • College Curriculum Council's Guidelines for Undergraduate Teaching Assistants, approved in 2009

  • The Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning's resources for undergraduate teaching assistants and their mentors

Please contact the Office of the Dean of the College (401/863-9800) if you have questions about undergraduate TAs.