Bianca Brown recently featured in the Brown Alumni Magazine.

Congratulations to recent EEOB graduate, Bianca Brown, who was recently named as one of seven "exceptional alumni."

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EEB grad, Emily Hollenbeck working tirelessly to preserve the ecosystems she loves

Emily Hollenbeck, the new president of Costa Rica’s Monteverde Conservation League and a former IBES graduate affiliate, is working tirelessly to preserve the ecosystems she loves.

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IBES Welcomes Jon Witman as an IBES Affiliate Fellow

The Institute at Brown for Environment and Society is excited to welcome Professor of Biology Jon Witman as an IBES Faculty Affiliate. Read full story here.

Gators and Guineafowl May Help Us Understand How Dinosaurs Moved

"We've uncovered surprising new information that will improve reconstructions of locomotion in extinct animals," said lead study author Armita Manafzadeh, EEB graduate student. Read full article here.


Bianca Brown

Every day, scientists learn more about the gut microbiome, the diverse group of bacteria that colonizes the digestive tract and helps maintain an organism’s overall health. Click here to read story.


Interview with Mark Bertness

Interview with Mark Bertness, author of A Brief Natural History of Civilization.

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EEB professor wins prestigious Fulbright award

Stephen Porder, Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Assistant Provost for Sustainability, will study and teach in Paris next year as a De Tocqueville Distinguished Chair, to read full story, click here.


Burrowing crabs reshaping salt marshes, with climate change to blame

Given higher sea levels and softer soil in the wake of a shifting climate, Sesarma crabs, which have already decimated salt marshes in the Northeast, are now rising to prominence in southeastern marshes, a new study finds.

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