Year 1 - Brain Sciences Course

Lecture recordings are available to Brown Neurology fellows, residents, and medical students. For recorded lecture access, please log in with your Brown credentials on Panopto

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Year 3 - Clerkship

All students rotate on an 8-week combined neurology and psychiatry clerkship. For recorded lecture access, please log in with your Brown credentials on Panopto. For a description of all rotations on neurology, please see the Brown Neurology Resident Handbook

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Electives Offered

Neuro 3785 - Neurology Sub-Intership

A 4-week rotation at Rhode Island Hospital where students will assume the role of a first-year neurology resident. They will be primarily responsible for the care of their ward patients, including daily presentations, daily progress notes, orders, follow-up on labs and imaging, performing lumbar punctures (if applicable), calling consults, updating family members and completing discharge paperwork. They will take one weeknight call per week from 5:00pm to 9:00pm and pre-round and round on their patients on two Saturdays during the rotation. 

Neuro 3780 - Advanced Elective in Neurology 

Students will rotate for 4 weeks on their choice (space permitting) of an inpatient setting (vascular wards, general wards, adult consult service, NeuroICU) or an outpatient setting (various multidisciplinary clinics) or a combination of both. The elective is geared toward 4th year medical students intending to pursue a career in the neurosciences or who want more extensive expertise in neurology. 

Neuro 3775 - Neurocritical Care Sub-Internship

Students will spend 4 weeks rotating on one of the 2 services in the Neurocritical Care Unit (NCCU) where they will help to care for critically ill patients, including those with cerebrovascular disease, traumatic brain injury, and status epilepticus as well as neurosurgical post-operative patients. Students will be responsible for pre-rounding, collecting data, presenting on rounds, following up on labs and tests, updating patients and family members, placing orders (as able) and performing procedures, including intubation, central line placement and arterial line placement.