Biotechnology Graduate Program- 5th year Baccalaureate/Masters

  1. Have you thought about getting a Masters degree in one year?
  2. Are you excited about the research you are doing for your current independent study and wish you could go to the next level?
  3. Have you thought about getting ready for a career in a pharmaceutical company, a medical device company, a start-up biotech company or consulting?
  4. Do you know about the 5 year Baccalaureate/Masters Integrated Program in Biotechnology for Brown students?
  5. Would you enjoy one more year at Brown University?

Open to all students with an appropriate science background, the Biotechnology Graduate Program offers a 5 year Baccalaureate/Masters Integrated Program for Brown students who will have fulfilled the requirements of their science undergraduate concentration. During the 5th year, students deepen their understanding of applied biology and custom design a curriculum relevant to the biotechnology industry and their areas of interest.

Pick your track:

  • Non-thesis track: 8 upper level biotech related courses
  • Thesis track: 5 upper level biotech related courses, 3 independent study, thesis

Students in the thesis track need a letter from the professor of their sponsoring lab. This faculty mentor can be from any science department including BioMed, hospitals, chemistry, neuroscience. We strongly encourage publication of your research! As with all Brown 5 year Integrated Programs, you may get credit for up to 2 courses in excess of your concentration requirements, but pre-approval is required. You can help design your own Biotechnology track and here’s a short list of just a few of the current courses to choose from as well as others under development:

  • BIOL2110 Drug and Gene Delivery
  • BIOL2130 Techniques in Molecular and Cellular Science
  • BIOL2140 Principles of Experimental Surgery
  • BIOL1120 Biomaterials
  • BIOL1140 Tissue Engineering
  • BIOL 1150 Stem Cell Engineering
  • BIOL 1201 Synthetic Biological Systems
  • BIOL1260 Physiological Pharmacology
  • BIOL1600 Development in Vaccines to Infectious Disease
  • NEUR1930 Disease Mechanism Therapy: Harnessing Basic Biology for Therapeutic Development

Courses under development

  • BIOL Cell Physiology of Drug Targets
  • BIOL Stem Cell Therapeutics
  • BIOL Regulatory Affairs and Intellectual Property in Biotechnology
  • BIOL Analytical Methods in Biotechnology

Deadline for your application is May 15th.

Contact for more details or visit our website.