MPP Graduate Students

Ayed Allawzi
Box G

Research: My research focuses on the role of Anoctamin-1, a calcium activated chloride channel, in hypoxic endothelial dysfunction.

Zachary DeLoughery 

Hetal Desai
Darling Lab
Box G-B3
Lab: 401-863-6807

Research: My research focuses on live-cell gene expression analyses of differentiating mesenchymal stem cells in 2D and 3D microenvironments to inform and improve tissue engineered constructs.

Hawasatu Dumbaya
Oancea Lab
Box G-B3
Lab: 401-863-1861 

Research:  My research focuses on the regulation of melanin synthesis in human epidermal melanocytes and on characterizing ultraviolet light phototransduction in human skin.
Cyrena Gawuga
Carpenter Lab
Box G-8013

Research: My research focuses on the relationship between inflammatory immune activity and psychological stress, particularly stressful experiences in childhood, and the potential utility of markers of immune activity (e.g., cytokines) in the clinical assessment of stress-related psychiatric and medical disorders.
Marilyn Le

Cheri Liu
Bowen Lab
Box G-B3 
Hilary Nicholson 
Bowen Lab
Box G
Lab: 401-863-6137 

Research:  My research focuses on the pharmacology and function of the sigma-2 receptor and its impact on cancer. I characterize sigma-2 ligands and use them to investigate the proliferative and cytotoxic effects induced by sigma-2 ligand binding.

Rana Ozdeslik   
Oancea Lab
Box G  

My research interest lies in understanding of extraretinal photoreceptive protein expression and downstream phototransduction pathway in human skin cells.

Alejandro Scaffa

Tracey Suter
Box G
Lab: 401-863-5830

Research: My research focuses on understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms behind axon guidance and target selection. I am working on identifying and characterizing novel signaling molecules and their downstream targeting molecules. 
Nelly Valkov
Box G

Reserach: My research focuses on microRNAs, which are newly identified, essential regulatory molecules in both cardiac development and disease. I investigate their expression, regulation and role in regulating cardiac fibroblast function in the normal and diseased heart.

Valerie Zabala
Box G 

Research: My research examines the role of endogenous cellular oxidative stress on the modulation of autophagy and senescence in a liver injury model.