Biomedical Engineering (BME) Master's Students

Shane Cooney
Box G
Lab: 401-867-5507

Raza Husain
Box G

Research: Studying the in-vivo kinematics of the human wrist during range of motion and dynamic tasks using the XROMM system at Brown.
Manisha Kanthilal

Darling Lab
Box G-B3
Lab: 401-863-6807

Research: My research focuses on mechanically characterizing different cell types found in adipose tissue, in hopes of using these differences to enrich ASC populations and decrease cell type heterogeneity.

Yasaman Mani
Box G

Research: My research focuses on understanding paramagnetic and superparamagnetic bead transfer through an oil-water interface. The findings will be utilized for more efficient nucleic acid separation and isolation.
Sarah Mirza
Box G
Justin Morse
Box G
Aarti Shenoy
Box G
Maswazi Sihlabela
Box 1914
Lab: 401-863-3181