2017 Senior Honors Group

Political Science Senior Honors Group 2017Political Science Senior Honors Group 2017

HAYLEY L. FLUG: The Journey to Judgeship: Understanding Women's Paths to the Judiciary

CALEB E. HERSH: Platforms for Justice: Nonpartisan Elections and Party Loyalty on the North Carolina Supreme Court, 1995-2013

JEFFREY P. SALVADORE: Cold Tea: Federal Transportation Policymaking from 1991 to 2015

(Distributed May 30, 2017)

What the Iran-Contra investigation can teach us about Russia probe

Rich Arenberg, Adjunct Lecturer in Political Science and Public Policy, writes in The Hill comparing the Iran-Contra investigation with the current call for an investigation into Flynn's relationship with Russia. 

"I served on the staff of the 1987 Senate Committee Investigating the Iran-Contra Affair. In recent days, the sense of deja vu has become almost overwhelming.

(Distributed May 24, 2017)
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