I side with the 9% backing liberal arts. Here's Why

Rose McDermott, David and Marianna Fisher University Professor of International Relations, Professor of Political Science, writes in OZY about the importance of social skills. 

(Distributed November 3, 2017)

NFL, Health Care, and North Korea

Rich Arenberg, Visiting Lecturer in Political Science and Public Policy, joined Dan Yorke State of Mind to discuss the NFL national anthem controversy, the Graham- Cassidy health care bill, and ongoing tensions with North Korea. 

Watch now. 

(Distributed November 3, 2017)

Why don't politicians support evidence-based medicine?

Eric Patashnik, Julis-Rabinowitz Professor of Public Policy, Professor of Political Science, is interviewed by The Washington Post about his new book, "Unhealth Politics: The Battle over Evidence-Based Medicine."

(Distributed October 31, 2017)

The "Members Only" President

Bonnie Honig, Professor of Modern Culture and Media and Political Science, writes in the Boston Review about President Trump. 

(Distributed October 31, 2017)

McCain May Have Saved the GOP from Itself on Cassidy-Graham

Rich Arenberg, Visiting Lecturer in Political Science and Public Policy, writes in Newsmax about the Cassidy-Graham bill. 

"The Senate Republicans have been engaged in a shameful exercise.

Few of them will step forward to defend the substance of the Cassidy-Graham bill, the latest effort to "repeal and replace" Obamacare. It's a terribly cynical bill which ravages Medicaid and leaves current recipients of Obamacare open to the elimination or weakening of protections for those with pre-existing conditions and to the return of lifetime caps on coverage."

(Distributed October 31, 2017)
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