Oct 5, 2016. Speaker series: Professor Pablo Pinto

Pablo M. Pinto is the Kenneth Lay Chair in Political Science and a Research Associate of the Center for Public Policy of the Hobby School of Public Affairs at the University of Houston. Pinto's areas of expertise are international and comparative political economy. His research analyzes the causes and consequences of the globalization of production.

(Distributed September 26, 2016)

Sept 27, 2016: Professor Javier Hidalgo: After Open Borders

Dr. Javier Hidalgo is a political theorist from the University of Richmond whose teaching and research interests center on ethics and international affairs, especially the ethical and public policy questions relating to immigration. He teaches courses such as Leadership and the Humanities, Justice & Civil Society, and advanced courses on leadership in international contexts.

(Distributed September 26, 2016)

Nov 9, 2016. Part II: Election 2016: What Happened and Why

The result is in - but does it really matter and for whom does it matter? Will the U.S. p​resident-elect be able to address the problems faced by the voters that put them in charge, or will we ​be here again in four years time. Join Professors Wendy Schiller and Mark Blyth to discuss what happened and why, and perhaps, what happens next.

(Distributed September 26, 2016)

Part I: Election 2016: Impact at home and abroad

It's often said outside of the U.S. that the American presidential election is the most important election for everyone outside of the US. This year is different. The Republican Party was unable to get a mainstream Republican through its primary process, with the result that Donald Trump is now the GOP candidate. The Democratic Party has in turn nominated a candidate with some of the highest negatives ever. Trump promises trade protection and migrant exclusion. Clinton promises college expansion and economic inclusion. But are these the policies America, and the world, needs?

(Distributed September 26, 2016)
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