Honors in Political Science

*Admission in the course is restricted to students who have given evidence of superior work in Political Science. At the completion of five semesters, an average of 3.6 or higher in six graded political science courses is required. Since the application is due prior to the end of the sixth semester, it is understood that you will have completed an additional two political science courses (for a total of eight) before the honors seminar begins at the beginning of your seventh semester.

*You must have completed your methods requirement prior to the beginning of your seventh semester. This can be filled by POLS0500 or POLS1600.  Outside department courses that will also fill the requirement are: APMA0650, APMA1650, ANTH1940, CLPS0900, ECON1620,  EDUC1100, EDUC1110, GEOL1320, PHP1501, SOC1020, SOC1100 or SOC1120   

*You will need to register for POLS1910 (Senior Honors Thesis Preparation) during pre- registration for the fall semester of your senior year and POLS1920 (Senior Honors Thesis Preparation) during pre-registration for the spring semester of your senior year. The Honors Sequence courses (POLS1910 and 1920) will count as ONE political science course for the concentration and will fulfill the capstone seminar requirement.

*All applications are to be submitted electronically to [email protected]

*Although you will be working with a faculty member who has agreed to be your advisor, the Honors Seminar will offer additional guidance and supervision, especially in the early stages of your thesis work.  It is your responsibility to arrange for a thesis advisor, who is a faculty member in the political science department, as well as a second reader who is knowledgeable about your topic.

*Submit the application by the April 13th deadline. Note the application requires a copy of your internal transcript, a list of the political science courses you are currently taking, and a copy of a paper written for any social science course at Brown. Professor Cheit will contact you with a decision prior to pre-registration for the fall semester.

*The honors thesis is a one-year sequence course. You must enroll in POLS1910 and POLS1920. You will receive an INC for POLS1910 at the end of the fall 2019 semester. When you have completed your thesis in the spring of 2020, the letter grade you receive for the thesis will be entered for POLS1920 and your INC from the fall for POLS1910 will be changed to reflect that grade as well. All passing grades on the thesis earn course credit for POLS1910 and POLS1920. However, only an A earns honors. 

*The April deadline is NOT flexible - don't miss it.