Students at Brown want to create and navigate their own intellectual journeys. As a result, no two applicants share the same background. Applications to our graduate programs are reviewed holistically by faculty-led admissions committees.

Graduate Application Requirements

Application in SOPHAS, which includes: Letters of Recommendation (3)
Official Transcripts
Personal Statement
The GRE is not required*
Application Fee
Official Transcripts* International transcripts evaluated by WES (if applicable)
International Applicants* Language Proficiency (if applicable)
International transcripts evaluated by WES (if applicable)
Brown University Undergraduates* Requirements vary by program (see below)


Fall 2022 Application Deadlines


Graduate Program Degree Application Deadline
Master of Public Health MPH January 15
MPH/MPA Dual Degree January 15
Five-Year Undergraduate/MPH January 15
Behavioral and Social Health Sciences
PhD December 1
Biostatistics* 5th Year (AM)/OGE February 1
ScM February 1
PhD December 15
Clinical and Translational Research* Certificate July 1
ScM May 1
Epidemiology PhD December 15
Health Services Research PhD December 1

All programs at the Brown University School of Public Health do not require the GRE.

US and English-Canadian Transcripts
Transcripts must be sent to SOPHAS from all US and English-speaking Canadian institutions you listed in the Colleges Attended section of your application, even if the courses are later transferred to another institution. We cannot process your application without receiving all of your transcripts. Please see SOPHAS’ instructions for more information.

International Transcripts
SOPHAS requires applicants to request foreign evaluations from World Education Services (WES), Inc. only. Please see SOPHAS’ instructions for more information.

TOEFL Scores
TOEFL scores are required for international applicants, however, the Graduate School at Brown does offer a list of exceptions. Applicants should submit official TOEFL scores to both code 3094 (Brown University) and 5688 (SOPHAS). IELTS scores are also accepted.

International Transcripts
International transcripts must be evaluated by World Education Services (WES). Please see SOPHAS' instructions for more information.

Brown University undergraduate applicants to the following programs should submit applications through SOPHAS Express:

  • Five-Year UG/MPH
  • 5th year master’s degrees in Biostatistics

Applications to all other graduate programs should be submitted through SOPHAS. Application deadlines for these programs align with the deadlines published above.

​GRE scores are not required

The Department of Biostatistics welcomes applicants from diverse academic backgrounds to its graduate programs, however, the following prerequisites are required for consideration:

  • Master's Applicants (ScM or 5th Year (AM)/OGE): Three semesters of calculus, one semester of linear algebra, and at least one semester of probability. The 5th Year (AM)/OGE and ScM programs require the same coursework, however, the ScM program includes a project or thesis.
  • PhD Applicants: Three semesters of calculus and advanced undergraduate courses in linear algebra and probability.
  • 5th Year (AM)/OGE applications should be submitted through SOPHAS Express, while ScM applications should be submitted through SOPHAS.

Applicants to Clinical & Translational Research must be physicians, doctorally-trained basic scientists, or students in doctoral programs or medical school. Applicants will be assessed on their academic performance as well as evidence of their potential in the field of clinical and translational research by a committee of public health faculty and other professionals. Application requirements are below:

  • Certificate applications should be submitted through SOPHAS Express, while ScM applications should be submitted through SOPHAS.
  • Letters of recommendation (1 for Certificate, 3 for ScM): If the applicant is a fellow or faculty member, one letter should generally come from their program director, division director, department head or primary mentor.
  • Personal statement should demonstrate understanding of—and commitment to—pursuing a career in clinical and translational research. Statement should explain the relevance of education and/or experience to pursue a career in clinical and translational research.
  • Official transcript(s) including all undergraduate, graduate, or medical school academic work and GPA
  • CV/Resume

Applications will be reviewed by the Clinical and Translational Research Admissions Committee, which is composed of public health faculty and other professionals.