Organizational Structure

The Executive Committee’s responsibilities are to oversee the direction and management of the entire CADRE operation. Decisions about administrative processes, procedures, budget allocation, faculty and staff personnel concerns, the initiation of new projects, both faculty and postdoc recruitment and additional funding initiatives will be made at this level. The EAC provides a forum for discussing priorities in scientific direction since these may change as new knowledge is acquired.​ 

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The Administrative Core will provide the scientific leadership and administrative support to ensure the success of all components of this Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE).  We will leverage the full enterprise of Brown University, affiliated academic hospitals, respective research centers, and the broader community in Providence, Rhode Island and beyond. The five specific aims are: 

  • Specific Aim 1 – To establish a team and organizational structure to provide leadership and administrative support for scientific excellence and facilitating the goals of the CADRE. 
  • Specific Aim 2 – To provide state-of-the-art mentoring support and initiatives for the COBRE project leaders and pilot grant recipients with the goal of facilitating their success in achieving independent level grant funding. 
  • Specific Aim 3 - To develop, administer and continuously evaluate a pilot grants program. 
  • Specific Aim 4 – Increase the diversity of the biomedical workforce and research that addresses the health disparities found in the disproportionate prevalence of SUD, and the resultant increased morbidity and mortality among racial and ethnic minorities. 
  • Specific Aim 5 – To conduct ongoing evaluation of the overall CADRE effort, the committees, the cores and the research projects so that CADRE is continuously evolving and improving.​ 

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The CADRE’s Clinical Laboratory Core (CLC) provides the current and future CADRE research and pilot project investigators with the space, supplies, equipment, technical capability, scientific expertise and data management/analysis expertise necessary to meet the needs of their projects. These resources are not otherwise available at Brown, and are essential for achieving the Specific Aims of the CADRE projects. Provision of these resources via the CLC will improve efficiency, consistency and economy of scale across projects. 

  • Specific Aim 1 of the CLC Core is to provide resources necessary for developing and sustaining a multi-disciplinary center focused on SUDs and chronic disease. 
  • Specific Aim 2 is to facilitate and coordinate assay and other services provided to the CADRE investigators through neighboring COBREs. 
  • Specific Aim 3, an exploratory aim, is to build a center-wide biobank and database of biological, behavioral and environmental risk factors associated with the development and progression of SUDs and chronic disease. ​

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The Internal Advisory Committee (IAC) ensures that the CADRE’s priorities are aligned with those of the University’s schools, colleges, centers and affiliated hospitals. They will provide input and advice on strategic planning, development, opportunities, and projects. Also, they will serve as ambassadors of the CADRE to their respective constituencies and beyond to identify applicants as replacement project leaders and applicants to the pilot grant program. 

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The External Advisory Committee (EAC) provides strategic direction and review of CADRE based on our internal evaluation criteria, their expertise and knowledge of best practices, and criteria they will develop​. The Board will provide impartial and expert guidance on structure, processes, and leadership and will assess our progress related to the measures we have outlined​.

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Our Research Team is comprised of: 4 Project Leaders and their Research Assistants, Mentors, and Consultants; 2 Pilot Projects and their Research Assistants, Mentors, and Consultants; and 1 Postdoctoral Research Associate. The Executive Committee, External Advisory Committee, Internal Advisory Committee, and Affiliated Scientists help oversee the development and progress of each research project.

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