General Policy

Purpose:  Brown University is committed to facilitating access to University instruction, communication, research, and business processes, while enhancing community building for the broadest possible audience. Brown strives to employ principles of universal design and recognized standards in design, purchasing, implementation, enhancement, and replacement of technology content and services. In doing so, Brown aims to improve access to both current and emerging technologies.

Scope: This policy applies to all web sites, desktop software, learning management software, hardware, documents, mobile devices/apps, and assistive technologies purchased and utilized by Brown University. This policy does not apply to web sites published by students, employees or non-university organizations that are hosted by the University but are not used to conduct core University business or academic activities.

Exceptions: Divisions, departments, or centers seeking an exception to this policy must submit a written request to ADA Coordinator/Diversity Office, explaining why compliance has not been achieved and how the unit will make the information or functionality available to individuals with a disability in an equally effective manner.

Complaints: Complaints regarding accessibility should be directed to the ADA Coordinator/Diversity Office. The ADA Coordinator/Diversity Office is responsible for investigating complaints of non-compliance and for referring non-compliant websites and other technologies to Computing Information Services (CIS).

Violations: University resources in violation of this policy will be referred by ADA Coordinator/Diversity Office to CIS for remediation. Remediation efforts may include one of the following:

  • Removal of the site from the internet until the web page site is accessible.

  • Direction to seek to remediate inaccessible other technologies until it is in compliance with this policy.