In the case of limited submission opportunities, working in coordination with Foundation Relations and the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) is required. For open funding opportunities, you are not required to work with Foundation Relations. However, partnering with our office can greatly increase your chances of funding success by helping you identify the best grant opportunities for your research, craft the strongest letters of inquiry and proposals, and coordinate efficiently with University Leadership, OVPR, and cross-departmental collaborators. We’re here to help!

Our staff have developed relationships with program officers at dozens of foundations and are experienced at locating existing connections to Brown or forging new ones when needed. We can often offer inside information about a particular foundation or opportunity based on our previous work with them and can share what we’ve learned about current priorities through our discussions with program officers.

The scope of our involvement in proposal drafting varies. Since you know the most about your work, we encourage you to create the first draft which we can then help you shape. For grants with many collaborators, we may take point on drafting the narrative and coordinating production of the proposal.

Our colleague Sasha Dolgicer in the Office of Corporate Relations ([email protected]) is happy to help you navigate the world of corporate funding. In the case of corporate foundations, we sometimes partner directly with that office to determine the correct approach.