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Brown Theater and Performing Arts

The Department of Theatre Arts and Performance Studies is the intellectual and artistic center at Brown for faculty and students interested in the aesthetic, historical, literary, practical, and theoretical explorations of performance in global perspective.

Building Brown

A great university is always a work in progress and supporting Brown's academic enrichment initiatives means creating new spaces for research, teaching, and living.

Building on Distinction

Brown's 10-year strategic plan, "Building on Distinction: A New Plan for Brown," offers the broad vision and goals for the University’s future.

Featured Events

On any given week, Brown hosts an extraordinary variety of events—lectures, performances, exhibitions, concerts, readings, film screenings, and more.

Swearer Center

The Swearer Center connects students, faculty and community partners through community engagement, engaged scholarship and social innovation.

Resources for the Brown community

Political Activity Policy

The purpose of this policy is to specify permitted use and restrictions of University facilities and resources for politically-related activity on campus by students and employees.