New approach to link discovery in THz networks

In collaboration with Yasaman Ghasempour and Edward Knightly from Rice University, we have demonstrated a new way for access points to locate clients in a mobile network.  New results published here, and described here and here and

(Distributed April 24, 2020)

IEEE ComSoc newsletter interview

The Cognitive Networks Technical Committee of the IEEE Communications Society has recently published a nice article on the state of the art in terahertz wireless communications, which includes interviews with Dr. Mittleman and two other technical experts in the field.  Check it out here.

(Distributed December 12, 2019)

Eavesdropping on terahertz wireless links

Our new paper shows that terahertz wireless data links aren’t as immune to eavesdropping as many researchers have assumed. The research, published in the journal Nature, shows that it is possible for a clever eavesdropper to intercept a signal from a terahertz transmitter without the intrusion being detected at the receiver.

(Distributed October 15, 2018)

A liquid metal switch for active terahertz filtering

Our collaboration with Michael Dickey (North Carolina State University) has its first paper! We report a terahertz waveguide with integrated electrically actuated liquid metal components. This is the first terahertz add-drop filter. Congratulations to Kim and everybody else on the team.

(Distributed October 15, 2018)
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