Rabi Shrestha

Rabi Shrestha

Ph.D. Student
Office: ERC 3rd floor
Lab: B&H 031
Email: [email protected]

Research Summary

THz Communication and Technology

Recent publications

"A two-wire waveguide channel for terabit-per-second links," Rabi Shrestha, Kenneth Kerpez, Chan Soo Hwang, Mehdi Mohseni, John Cioffi, and Daniel M. Mittleman, manuscript in preparation (2020).

"Terahertz wireless links using diffuse scattering from rough surfaces," Jianjun Ma, Rabi Shrestha, Wei Zhang, Lothar Moeller, and Daniel M. Mittleman, IEEE Transactions on Terahertz Science and Technology, 9, 463-470 (2019).

"Security and eavesdropping in terahertz wireless links," J. Ma, R. Shrestha, J. Adelberg, C.-Y. Yeh, Z. Hossain, E. Knightly, J. M. Jornet, and D. M. Mittleman, Nature, 563, 89-93 (2018).

"Channel performance of indoor and outdoor terahertz wireless links," J. Ma, R. Shrestha, L. Moeller, and D. M. Mittleman, APL Photonics, 3, 051601 (2018).


  • 2016 - B.S.  Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Rochester
  • 2017 - M.S. Electrical Engineering, University of Rochester