Requesting An Estimate

Our team strives to provide estimates within one to three business days. If more time is required due to the scope or number of requests, we will contact you directly.

The more complete information you provide will yield the most accurate estimate. If you have designed your own material and a visual reference file is available, please supply it with your specifications.

  • Date you will provide your print ready files
  • In hand delivery date of finished materials
  • Type of piece (booklet, brochure, poster, etc.)
  • Quantity
  • Page count
  • Size of the piece
  • Number of colors (e.g. 4-color process, 2-color spot, etc.)
  • Paper and weight (if you are not sure, our estimator can help you)
  • Will the cover be separate (different paper/inks for cover)?
  • Binding
  • Bleed?
  • Will the piece mail?

All estimate requests should be submitted to and please indicate “Estimate request” in the subject line.

If you have questions on what information to provide based on the nature and scope of your project, contact our Client Relations at 401-863-2258 prior to requesting your estimate. 

Please note that the estimate we provide is valid for 30 days. All our estimates will have a reference number. If you have not submitted a project initiation form to us yet, the estimate number will need to be supplied in the space provided on that form.