academic degrees

Undergraduate degrees offered by Brown include:

  • bachelor of arts (A.B.)
  • bachelor of science (Sc.B.)
  • bachelor of arts and bachelor of science (combined A.B./Sc.B.)

A.B. and Sc.B. refer to the fact that Brown awards its degrees in Latin. Do not use B.A. or B.S. to abbreviate.

All references to academic degrees should be lowercase unless an abbreviation is used.

  • Johnson earned a master of public health.

The word “degree” should not follow an abbreviation.

  • She has an A.B. in English literature.

If the word “degree” is used with “bachelor” and “master,” add an apostrophe and “s.” Brown does not award associate degrees, but if referencing one from another institution, do not use an apostrophe and “s.”

  • She earned a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s degree in comparative literature.
  • He received an associate degree from Community College of Rhode Island in 2009.

For degrees with only two capitalized letters, place periods before and after the final letter:

  • A.M. (master of arts)
  • M.D. (doctor of medicine)
  • M.D.-Sc.M. (doctor of medicine and master of science in population medicine)
  • Ph.D. (doctor of philosophy)
  • Sc.M. (master of science)
  • Sc.MIME (master of science in innovation management and entrepreneurship)

For degrees of three or more capitalized letters, omit the periods between the letters:

  • MAT (master of arts in teaching)
  • MFA (master of fine arts)
  • MPA (master of public affairs)
  • MPH (master of public health)
  • MPP (master of public policy)
  • EMSTL (executive master in science and technology leadership)