First Day Handout

The Uses of Thevenin - Philosophy

First SPICE Deck - Electronic Copy for Homework 2

Procedure to Run LTSpice IV

ENGN1620 - 2016 Laboratory Manual

Full Datasheets for Lab Components

Parameter Analyzer Notes

Algebraic Notation for Signals

Use of Stand-alone Bode Plotters

Lecture on Parasitic Capacitance Effects (before/after Spring Break)

PowerPoint Presentation P-channel MOSFET I-V

Analysis of P-Channel MOSFETs - ALD1107 example

Example of Discrete MOSFET Amplifier Based on the ALD1106

Basic Ideal Opamp Circuits

Figures for class discussion of differential amplifiers, current mirrors and other IC circuit techniques

CMOS Operational Amplifier - Class Example

Calculation of Properties of CMOS and BJT Class Examples

Introduction to Phase Margin - Designing Opamp Compensation

Example of Active Filter System Design with Opamps

Formula Sheet for In-Semester Exam

Formula Sheet for Final Exam

Sedra and Smith on SPICE Syntax

Recorded Lab Grades