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Facilities Management
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Facility Emergency:
Tel: (401) 863-7800

Service Request:
Tel: (401) 863-7800

Main Office:
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Marking Utilities / Dig Safe

Brown University is not a member of Dig Safe System, Inc. Therefore, no person or company shall engage in excavation* in the approximate location of Brown University owned utility facilities without first notifying Brown University. Brown University will provide campus utility maps to those authorized to excavate on Brown University property.

Excavation* near Brown University owned utility facilities:

Any person or company responsible for excavating* within one hundred (100) feet of a Brown University owned utility facility shall notify Brown University’s Service Response Center (401) 863-7800 by telephone at least forty-eight (48) hours, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and legal Holidays, before commencing such excavation.

Marking of underground utilities:

When served notice, Brown University will provide a campus utility map of the area to be excavated (within 48 hours). This excludes Saturday, Sunday, and legal holidays or if otherwise agreed upon by the person or company performing the work and Brown University. Upon receiving a copy of the utility map it is the responsibility of the contractor to do the actual marking out of the utilities. The approximate location* of the underground utilizes shall be marked with stakes, flags, paint, or other physical means.

Utility Mark-Out Colors:

Electrical power distribution and transmission Safety Red or Florescent Pink
Gas distribution and transmission High Visibility Safety Yellow
Dangerous materials (Steam, High Temperature Hot Water, etc.) High Visibility Safety Yellow
Telephone and telegraph systems Safety Alert Orange
Data communications cable and fiber Safety Alert Orange
Fire Alarm Safety Alert Orange
Water systems Safety Precaution Blue
Drainage and Sanitary Sewers Safety Green
Non-Brown utility on Brown owned property Safety White

Notice in emergency:

In the event of any emergency posing a threat to life, health, or property, which may require immediate correction to provide either a safe environment or for the continued operation of a utility, whether or not owned by Brown University, notify Brown University’s Service Response Center (401) 873-7800 as soon as it is determined that an emergency exists. The Service Response Center will notify and dispatch the appropriate Brown University personnel as soon as possible. The excavator shall thereafter employ any means necessary, excluding blasting, to insure that the underground utility facilities in the area of said construction shall not be damaged.

Procedures at the work site:

Any person or company excavating* or tunneling shall exercise reasonable care when working in close proximity to the underground utility facilities of any Brown University or public utility. Further, when the facilities are to be exposed; only non-mechanical means shall be employed to locate the facility and to provide for such support, as may be reasonably necessary for the protection of the facilities.

Damage – Notice to Brown University:

Upon the occurrence of any contact with or damage to any pipe, cable or its protective coating, or any other underground facility or utility, Brown University shall be notified immediately by the person or company responsible for the operation causing the contact or damage, prior to back filling the excavation*. Upon the receipt of the notice, Brown University shall immediately dispatch personnel to the subject location to effect temporary or permanent repair of the damage. Under no circumstances shall the excavator back fill or conceal the damaged area until Brown University personnel arrives at the subject location. Upon the occurrence of a serious electrical short, or the escape of dangerous fluids or gases from a broken line, the person or company responsible for the operations causing the damage shall excavate the immediate area while waiting for the arrival of Brown University personnel. The person or company responsible for the operation causing the contact or damage shall repair said damage, at their own expense, and in accordance with Owner’s directives.

Maintenance of utility markings:

The contractor or excavator shall be responsible for the maintenance of the designated markings until the project is complete.

* Definitions:

“Excavation” means an operation for the purpose of movement or removal of earth, rock, or other materials in or on the ground, or otherwise disturbing the subsurface of the earth, by the use of powered or mechanized equipment, including but not limited to digging, blasting, auguring, back filling, test boring, drilling, pile driving, grading, plowing in, hammering, pulling in, trenching, and tunneling.

“Approximate Location” means utilities facilities will be mark using the “BEST AVAILABLE” information at time of marking. The person or company performing excavation* should review Brown University utility and infrastructure plans for determining the “Quality Level” of the location of the utilities in the specific area to be excavated*. “Quality Levels” are as defined by American Society of Civil Engineers standard CI/ASCE 38-02, “Standard Guideline for the Collection and Depiction of Existing Subsurface Utility Data”.