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Help us grow the Sheridan Center Conversation Tree!

Prompted by our interest in sustaining conversations started in the Fall Semester around the Sheridan Center's annual theme of Communication, and inspired in particular by a campus-wide performance by the University of Michigan's CRLT Players, we've placed a Conversation Tree in the main entrance of the Center. The tree presents handwritten tags, initially collected from the audience at the CRLT Players' performance, that reflect on a range of issues and concerns that affect us as individuals and as members of the wider Brown community.These issues include student and faculty diversity, staff experiences, work-life balance, and educational climate. We invite all members of the Brown community to stop by the Center, to reflect on these tags, and to contribute their own tags to this ongoing conversation about topics that matter at Brown.


The Sheridan Center is a place where faculty, graduate students and postdocs come together from across the disciplines to inquire about, explore and reflect upon teaching and learning as ongoing and collaborative processes.   Our programs, services and resources are available to all members of the Brown community, including full-time and part-time faculty, postdoctoral fellows, teaching fellows and teaching assistants. 

The Sheridan Center is here to support you.

  • We are Brown’s go-to-place for practical advice about teaching and professional development.  
  • We promote best practices and promising new practices in teaching.
  • We support instructors as they launch and develop their professional careers.

We Offer:


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