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Facilitating Courses in Canvas (Online, Hybrid, or F2F Courses with a Canvas Component)

Do you have questions about using Canvas for teaching and facilitating your course, whether it’s online, hybrid or in person? This workshop primarily addresses what instructors do during the course, as opposed to what must be done before the course, which is design. Facilitation focuses on how you, the instructor, can facilitate conditions for student learning through actions like setting clear expectations, maintaining instructor presence, and supporting and motivating learning. Join a Learning Designer and Learning Technologist from the Sheridan Center’s Digital Learning and Design team for a discussion of these topics. The session leaders will provide an overview of topics related to facilitating learning in courses utilizing Canvas and provide opportunities for instructors to share their strategies and tips with each other. Please register.

Before the session, we recommend reviewing the Facilitation Guide (https://brown-dld.screenstepslive.com/a/1589811-facilitating-your-course) about how to useCanvas for teaching.

Team Based Inquiry Learning: What is that?

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Team-Based Inquiry Learning (TBIL) is a form of active learning that uses the structure of Team-Based Learning as a means of implementing Inquiry-Based Learning. While initially developed in the context of mathematics instruction, TBIL is applicable to all disciplines with a tradition of inquiry based instruction. In this workshop, we will describe the essential elements of TBIL, and participants will explore how TBIL can be adapted to their own discipline. Please register.

STEM Ed Fridays

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Are you interested in discussing STEM education at Brown? STEM Ed Friday is a vibrant learning community where STEM instructors and staff members share ideas, experiences, and challenges related to STEM education. Please register.

Creating an Accessible and Inclusive Learning Environment

In this presentation, we will discuss how to ensure the digital elements of your course are accessible and inclusive. We’ll review strategies for creating an inclusive learning environment, provide an overview of Brown’s accessibility tools, and show you how to get support from DLD throughout the summer. We’ll also explore examples of how to address common accessibility problems, from captioning to headers. This session is designed for faculty, postdocs, and graduate students and will be led by Kris Nolte, Assistant Director, Digital Learning Experience, and Christine Baumgarthuber, Senior Learning Designer. It will include plenty of time for Q&A. Please register.

Humanize your remote-accessible or online course with multimedia

Are you looking for a personalized way to welcome students into your virtual classroom so that they feel connected to you and to each other? Do you want to level up the quality and professionalism of your self-produced video content? Join media specialists from Digital Learning & Design to discover best practices for producing effective media in your remote-accessible or online course. We will start with an overview of video presentation tips, including simple tricks to get the best visual and audio recording with your existing technology, and we’ll cover ways to keep learners engaged before, during, and after watching the video. Then we’ll share best practices for ensuring media is accessible to a multitude of learners. Please register.

The Canvas Discussion Tool Has Been Redesigned! Lets Chat About Online Asynchronous Discussions

Asynchronous d​iscussions are a key component of online courses. They help build community, encourage reflection, reinforce respectful communication, and develop critical thinking skills. In order to realize their potential, discussions must be intentionally and carefully designed, configured, and facilitated. We will talk about different ways online discussions can be used in online, hybrid, or face-to-face courses as well as elements of good design to ensure they are important social learning opportunities and not busy work. Please register.

If you have time before the workshop, review the Asynchronous Discussion Guide on the DLD website.

Learning Outcomes:
Draw from your course design repertoire a variety of ideas, scenarios, and strategies for employing online discussions in meaningful ways.
Design and facilitate engaging online discussions to leverage social learning in your course to help students achieve module/course learning objectives.

How to Use the Canvas Pre-College Template (In-person courses)

Do you have questions about importing and using the Canvas template for your in-person summer course? Join learning designers and technologists from Digital Learning and Design for an overview on how to use the Canvas template, and we will share tips for using Canvas as a supplement to your in-person course. We will also devote part of the session to Q & A where you will be able to hear from and share ideas with fellow instructors. Please register.