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About the Visual Identity

Brown's official logo and graphic standards are ready for your communications projects.

During the past year, President Simmons and the Corporation commissioned and endorsed a set of University-wide visual identity guidelines to assist departments that produce publications and maintain Web sites. As of July 1, 2003, the guidelines and new logo are in place.

What is Brown's visual identity program, and what does it mean to you?

"Stationery" includes letterhead, memo pads, envelopes, business cards, invitations, mailing labels, name badges, signs, and related paper supplies.

The main element of the program is a University-wide standard for stationery that you will order through Graphic Services. The stationery will feature an updated logo consisting of the University's coat of arms and the word "Brown." See ordering stationery for details.

In addition, you can download templates for producing fax cover sheets, memos and Powerpoint presentations.

Whenever possible, the new logo should appear on the front of every publication. Download the logo now.

Whether you're producing a brochure, a Web site, a grant proposal, or a banner, incorporating the new logo and using standard templates will result in a strong visual identity for Brown. Your written communications will project a clear, memorable look that reflects well on the University and builds awareness and recognition for its programs and faculty.

Why are the visual identity standards important?

Universities have distinctive faces and personalities. Each time Brown University communicates with its audiences, we have an opportunity to strengthen public awareness of our unique character and mission.

People who see Brown's publications and Web sites form impressions that become the basis for long-lasting attitudes and opinions. Such opinions influence actions — for example, whether an excellent high school student puts Brown at the top of his list, whether a sought-after scholar decides to join the faculty, whether a foundation awards a major grant, or whether an alumna endows a scholarship program.

When an individual program sends a positive message to the public, Brown's overall reputation is strengthened. Similarly, as the University's reputation and visibility get stronger, every program benefits.

When will the visual identity standards go into effect?

The new logo may be put to use immediately in your publications and Web pages.

The next time you need to order stationery, business cards, departmental brochures, and related supplies, call Graphic Services at 863-2258 or visit them in the lower level of the Brown Office Building (164 Angell Street).

SEPTEMBER 22, 2003

The graphic standards go "live" — you can fill all your stationery orders online.