Brown University Identity Guidelines

Communicating Brown’s Distinction

Brown’s distinction lies in the academic excellence and rigor of our education and research. We are defined by our distinctive approach to scholarship that blends intellectual freedom with intense collaboration that transcends traditional boundaries between fields of study; our commitment to cultivating an ethical community that values and respects diversity of thought and experience; and the dedicated leadership of our faculty, students and alumni in addressing the most challenging and complex issues of the world.

Brown’s Identity Strategy is to amplify Brown’s distinction through our communications to ensure that our audiences know who we are, what we value and how we are exceptional in the excellence of our education and research.

Recognizing that Brown’s identity is demonstrated in how the University represents itself to the world, we maintain resources for communicating about the individual distinctiveness of Brown and its departments and programs — a distinctiveness that contributes to “what is Brown.”

When people experience Brown’s communications, marketing and engagement efforts, a strong Identity Strategy ensures that they recognize a unified story of excellence. Every school, department, program and member of our community contributes to the excellence that is Brown. Learn more about Brown’s Identity Strategy.

Identity Guidelines

Messaging Strategy

The Brown University Messaging Strategy and Guidelines helps advance Brown’s identity as a leading institution committed to excellence. It provides a framework for emphasizing the aspects of Brown that distinguish us from other universities.

Visual Identity Policy

The Brown University Visual Identity Policy and Strategy establishes a consistent visual identity to convey to the world the relationships across the University community and what it means to be “of Brown.”

Editorial Style Guide

The Brown University Editorial Style Guide serves as a resource for communicators across campus to ensure clarity and consistency in editorial style for representing Brown in narrative and story-telling through websites, print publications, social media and more.

University Communications Policies and Guidelines

Policies and guidance on the use of the trademarked Brown University name; the use of images of individuals for marketing purposes; effective use of social media; and other topics help support the effective representation of Brown among our many audiences.