Engineering Courses

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All Engineering courses offered are listed below.

EN0003 - Introduction to Engineering
EN0004 - Dynamics and Vibrations
EN0009 - Management of Industrial and Nonprofit Organizations
Fall - Prof. Hazeltine
EN0009 - Management of Industrial and Nonprofit Organizations
Spring - Prof. Mittlemann
EN0023 - Surveying
EN0026 - Mechanical Technology
EN0031 - Mechanics of Solids and Structures
EN0041 - Materials Science
EN0051 - Electricity and Magnetism
EN0052 - Electrical Circuits and Signals
EN0072 - Thermodynamics
EN0081 - Fluid Mechanics
EN0090 - Managerial Decision Making
Fall - Prof. Mittlemann
EN0090 - Managerial Decision Making
Spring - Prof. Hazeltine
EN0093 - Technology and Society Course Series
EN0100 - Projects in Engineering Design
EN0112 - Chemical Reactor Design
EN0113 - Phase and Chemical Equilibria
EN0114 - Chemical Process Design
EN0121 - Biomechanics
EN0122 - Neuroengineering: Control of Eye Movement
EN0123 - Instrumentation Design
EN0130 - Structural Analysis
EN0134 - Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment
EN0136 - Soil Mechanics and Principles of Foundation Engineering
EN0137 - Advanced Engineering Mechanics
EN0138 - Design of Civil Engineering Structures
EN0141 - Physical Chemistry of Solids
EN0142 - Kinetics Processes in Materials Science and Engineering
EN0147 - Structure and Properties of Nonmetallic Materials
EN0148 - Metallic Materials
EN0149 - Biomaterials
EN0156 - Applied Electromagnetics
EN0157 - Linear System Analysis
EN0158 - Communication Systems
EN0159 - Introduction to Semiconductors and Semiconductor Electronics
EN0160 - Design and Implementation of Very Large-Scale Integrated Systems
EN0161 - Image Understanding
EN0162 - Analysis and Design of Electronic Circuits
EN0163 - Digital Electronics Systems Design
EN0164 - Design of Computing Systems
EN0168 - Design of Semiconductor Devices
EN0169 - Modern Optoelectronics and Laser Applications
EN0170 - Applied Thermodynamics
EN0171 - Heat and Mass Transfer
EN0172 - Design of Engines and Turbines
EN0174 - Computer Aided Visualization and Design
EN0175 - Advanced Mechanics of Solids
EN0176 - Machine Design
EN0186 - Advanced Fluid Mechanics
EN0193 - Special Topics in Engineering
EN0194 - Special Topics in Engineering
EN0195 - Independent Studies in Engineering
EN0196 - Independent Studies In Engineering
EN0221 - Foundations of Continuum Mechanics
EN0222 - Mechanics of Solids
EN0224 - Linear Elasticity
EN0227 - Advanced Elasticity
EN0232 - Experimental Mechanics
EN0237 - Topics in Solid and Structural Mechanics
EN0238 - Fracture Mechanics
EN0240 - Electron Microscopy in Materials Science
EN0241 - Thermodynamics of Materials
EN0242 - Kinetic Processes and Mechanisms in Materials Science
EN0243 - Mechanical Properties of Materials
EN0250 - Medical Image Analysis
EN0252 - Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision
EN0253 - Digital Signal Processing
EN0254 - Speech Processing
EN0256 - Computer Vision
EN0257 - Applied Stochastic Processes
EN0262 - Solid State Quantum and Optoelectronics
EN0264 - Classical Theoretical Physics II (Interested students should register for PH0204)
EN0266 - Physics and Technology of Semiconductor Heterostructures
EN0273 - Advanced Thermodynamics I
EN0274 - Advanced Thermodynamics II (Interested students should register for CH0202)
EN0276 - Heat and Mass Transfer
EN0281 - Fluid Mechanics I (Interested students should register for AM0241)
EN0282 - Fluid Mechanics II
EN0291 - Special Topics in Engineering
EN0292 - Special Topics in Engineering - S13
EN0297 - Special Projects, Reading, Research and Design
EN0298 - Special Projects, Reading, Research and Design
EN0299 - Thesis Preparation