Cecelia received a double B.A. in Archaeology and Art History from Tufts University (2003). After graduation she moved to Rome where she worked for two years at an American tour company educating people about the art, history and archaeology of the eternal city and eating her weight in pizza and gelato. Her field experience includes Caesarea Maritima (Israel), Ostia Antica (Italy), Pompeii (Italy), and Gordion (Turkey). For her dissertation she has conducted independent research under the auspices of the ÖAI in Ephesos and the DAI in Pergamon (Turkey). Her dissertation draws upon the published material for water use and management in Hellenistic and Roman Asia Minor to explore the diverse uses and meanings of water in religious, political and economic contexts. She was awarded funding to pursue these questions from an interdisciplinary perspective by convening a Mellon Graduate Workshop (2009-2010), Fluid Thinking: Explorations of Water in Society. Generally, her main interests include urban development and urban experiences in antiquity, ritual landscapes, Roman religion and the economic and cultural implications of technological developments, particularly those pertaining to water.