Brown has an ever-increasing need for data, specifically data that are accurate and consistent, accessible, and secure. Such data are vital for tracking and evaluating core activities, such as those that support the mission of the University and ensure our continued accreditation. The University's leaders need timely and accurate information about all aspects of university operations to better inform decisions.

Meeting this demand for data across campus and beyond is a growing challenge. This is partly due to the successful implementation of electronic systems that now contain extensive and new types of data. Accessing this information requires the integration of accurate and consistent information across multiple units, reliable and appropriate data security, and attention to the data culture, including oversight and training.

Guiding Principles of Data Governance at Brown

  • Institutional data are valuable assets and must be treated as such
  • Access to accurate and consistent data is essential to informed decision making across the University
  • Data usage and access rules will be articulated and followed
  • Data standards can and should be defined and monitored
  • The security of institutional data is essential, as is appropriate and timely access
  • The privacy of an individual's information will be protected


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