One element of effective data governance is a data dictionary, a central repository of terms that are shared across the campus.  Brown has begun implementing the Data Cookbook to be our data dictionary.  This tool is intended to clarify how common reporting terms (e.g., student, regular faculty, course section) are used at Brown.  This tool will help ensure a common understanding of what various metrics, key performance indicators, and other institutional calculations mean.  The Data Cookbook includes terms from such administrative systems as Banner, the Faculty Information System (FIS), and FAMIS.  

All Brown employees can view the Data Cookbook.  Access is simple: navigate to and log in with your standard Brown username and password.  To view the report on Data Cookbook implementation, click here.  

Data Cookbook implementation is being led by the Office of Institutional Research and CIS Business Intelligence.  Team membership will vary, depending on the functional area being addressed.   If you are interested in contributing definitions from your area, please contact Mary Heather Smith in the Office of Institutional Research.