Program Overview

In 2016, Brown University released its strategic plan for diversity and inclusion, Pathways to Diversity and Inclusion: An Action Plan for Brown University (DIAP). An important initiative identified in the DIAP was to “promote hiring practices, professional development, and mentorship programs that will increase the diversity of staff and further their careers, especially staff from historically underrepresented groups.” 

The Administrative Fellows Program is a professional development opportunity that seeks to nurture talented and diverse staff members who are committed to enhancing their leadership skills and promoting more inclusive and equitable communities within higher education settings. The program centers experiential learning opportunities aimed at knowledge building through the development of a diversity project and access to networking and mentoring.


The Program is open to all staff members with at least two (2) years of service at Brown.  The ideal Fellow selected for the program will be a highly motivated individual, interested in developing professionally as a leader in higher education, and committed to diversity and inclusion work for all. A committee will review all applications and select the Fellows.

Program Components

Fellows will embark on a ten (10) month term of professional development opportunities. Selected individuals will be provided with opportunities to:

  • Grow and develop leadership skills

  • Advance their knowledge and ability to implement inclusive practices

  • Engage in mentoring and networking opportunities;

  • Interact with and learn from campus leaders

  • Strengthen cultural competency 

Participation in the program does not guarantee an administrative full-time or part-time job opportunity or promotion after the Fellowship term.

Please check back for information about a 2023-2024 opportunity.

For any inquiries please contact Tristan Glenn at [email protected]