Previously known as the Young Scholars Conference, the Womxn in STEM (WiSTEM) Symposium name change better reflects our commitment to diversity. WiSTEM Symposiums have four main goals:

  1. Create space where intersecting identities and scientific research coexist.
  2. Equip womxn with the tools needed to navigate educational and occupational environments.
  3. Impart skills & knowledge to promote professional development and boost participants’ preparation to enter the job market.
  4. Encourage networking that can facilitate community mentorship & sponsorship.

Check back soon for more information on the Spring 2021 virtual WiSTEM Symposium.

From 2016 to 2018 the Young Scholars Conference aimed to provide guidance and support for science graduate students and post-doctoral researchers as they prepare to enter the academic workforce. The Young Scholars Conference aims to improve upon this by uplifting womxn to encourage lasting diversity within the sciences, while providing all under-represented genders with the skills necessary to ensure that their scientific research continues to be widely understood and respected.

Past Young Scholars Conference schedules: