Looking Forward to Spring

Yes, Spring!  Winter begins with the solstice at 12:11 P.M. on December 21, but Financial Services is already preparing for the Spring.

Student account statements will be available for spring 2014 semester on Monday, November 18th and are due on January 1, 2014.

(Distributed November 14, 2013)

Life Happens - Be Prepared with Insurance

Insurance?  What for?  You’re invincible, right?  If you were to take inventory of all your clothes, your room furnishings, your electronics (e.g. phone, computer), jewelry, or any other possessions, could you afford to replace them if they were stolen or damaged? Life happens to all of us, so read on.   

(Distributed November 5, 2013)

Fake Student Loan Site Steals Identities

Fake accounts for student lending giant Sallie Mae are popping up all over Instagram in an attempt to steal student identities, according to Scambook, a website dedicated to detecting bogus sites and warning consumers about using them," CBS MoneyWatch reports.

(Distributed October 10, 2013)

Top 7 Financial Mistakes Brown Students Can Make

How is your semester going?.....Financially?  Try to avoid these common mistakes that can create unnecessary hardship and impact your success during and after Brown:

 #1. Not having a budget

(Distributed September 24, 2013)
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