Repay your Loans

Get Ready to Repay

Whether you're a new borrower, been in school for a while, graduating soon, or a Brown alumn - there are steps you can take to be successful in your loan repayment.


Be sure you've completed all required loan exit counseling within 30 days of dropping below 1/2 time enrollment.

Optional Ways to Learn

1. Do you know where to get loan info? Use our Loan Repayment Planning Worksheet and our Online Resources Guide to gather your loan info & plan for repayment.

2. Review our Loan Repayment Workshop presentation.

3. Visit the Loan Office at any time or attend our Drop-In Hours in April/May.

If you haven't done it yet, review the loan basics:
Financing Options - learn the basics about the loans you've borrowed.
Graduation or Leave-taking  - learn about exit counseling and begin thinking about your repayment strategy.

Make the Most of Your Grace Periods

A Grace Period is a length of time when payments are not required on your loans. It's a great time to begin paying down your debt. Learn what to do during your Grace Period & how Interest Accrues.

Servicers & Making Payments

Your loans are repaid to a "Servicer". Learn how and where to make your monthly loan payments in our Servicers & Making Payments section. 

Loan Repayment Plans

The Federal Perkins Loan and all Brown Institutional Loans offer a 10-year repayment period and are paid in fixed monthly installments. The Direct Subsidized, Unsubsidized, and PLUS Loans offer many different repayment plans designed to fit different needs and income levels. Learn more about Repayment Plans.

Postponing Loan Repayment

If you are having difficulty repaying your loans, don't give up! You need to take action & request help from your servicer. Learn about the options & the application process in our Deferment/Forbearance section.

Cancellation and Forgiveness

Certain circumstances might lead to your loans being forgiven, canceled, or discharged. View details in our Cancellation/Forgiveness section.

Medical Loan Repayment Resources

Medical students often face specific challenges when planning for loan repayment. The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) offers dynamic online repayment tools and resources to help borrowers navigate those challenges.

Other Tips & Resources

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