Steering Committee

A broad-based, representative Steering Committee co-chaired by Provost Richard M. Locke and Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration Barbara Chernow oversaw the 2018 self-study process.  Deputy Provost Joseph Meisel served as project manager and editor-in-chief of the self-study.  Director of Institutional Research, Tracy Barnes, was responsible for compiling the requisite data forms that accompany the self-study. 


  • Richard M. Locke, Provost
  • Barbara Chernow, Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration


  • Elsa Amanatidou, Senior Lecturer in Classics and in Language Studies
  • Katharine Tracy Barnes, Director of Institutional Research
  • Wayne Bowen, Upjohn Professor of Pharmacology, Professor of Biology, Chair of MPPB
  • Andrew G. Campbell, Incoming Dean, Graduate School
  • Russell Carey, Executive Vice President for Planning and Policy
  • Liza Cariaga-Lo, Vice President for Academic Development, Diversity & Inclusion
  • Cass Cliatt, Vice President for Communication
  • Tracey Cronin, Manager, Bio Med Graduate Studies 
  • Ian Dell'Antonio, Professor of Physics
  • Eric Estes, Incoming Vice President for Campus Life & Student Services
  • Jay S. Calhoun, Vice President for Finance and Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer
  • Edward Hawrot, Associate Dean for Biology
  • Timothy Ittner '18
  • Lawrence Larson, Dean, School of Engineering
  • Zongyi (Cheri) Liu. Molecular Pharmacology, Physiology, and Biotechnology PhD program (Biomed)
  • Maud Mandel, Dean of the College
  • Kevin McLauglin, Dean of the Faculty
  • Joseph Meisel, Deputy Provost
  • Karen Sibley, Vice President for Strategic Initiatives, Dean of School for Professional Studies
  • Joan Wernig Sorensen '72, Corporation Member


  • Catherine Pincince, Senior Associate Secretary of the Corporation