• All Year:  Begin data collection and other needed analyses (e.g., credit hour; review outcomes)
  • Fall:  Discuss dimensions of process with senior leadership.  Develop working plan proposal.  
  • Spring:  Establish Steering Committee and Standards processes.  Communications to campus.  Begin preliminary meetings.  First-stage completion of data tables.
  • Summer:  Staff-driven Standards processes (1, 2, 3, 7, 9) produce rough drafts.  Update data tables with FY16 information.


  • Fall:  Committee-driven Standards processes (4/8, 5, 6) generate rough drafts.  Consultation with campus groups, faculty forums, etc.  Review of drafts by Steering Committee and additional iteration.  
  • Spring:  Iterated drafts synthesized into draft self-study.  Draft self-study discussed with Corporation at February meeting and shared with campus for review and comment, including public forums.
  • Summer:  Community feedback integrated into draft self-study.  Draft then shared with NECHE for comment.  Update data tables with FY17 information.


  • Fall:  Preparation of final self-study document.  Completion of data forms.  Final preparation of materials archive.  Preliminary visit by visiting team chair.
  • January:  Self-study to NECHE.
  • Spring:  NECHE visiting team to campus.