Mountain of Sherds Exhibit


You're invited to stroll through the Joukowsky Institute's new virtual exhibit - open now through April:

A Mountain of Sherds: What Archaeologists Have Learned From Monte Testaccio

A virtual exhibit curated by Jinette Jimenez '21 for the Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World

Monte Testaccio, also called Monte de Cocci, or the “Mount of Sherds,'' is a 150 foot tall hill in Rome made entirely of amphora sherds, the broken remains of clay pots used thousands of years ago. This exhibit explores the materials that make up the mountain, its place in the physical and cultural landscape, and how it has helped archaeologists develop deeper understandings about the nature of the Roman imperial economy.

A Mountain of Sherds is one segment of the larger exhibition Sherds! which will open in April 2021.


Enter the exhibit here: